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English response

Toutes les infos sur le rassemblement Chinon du 14 au 17 mai 2015
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English response

Messagepar breninfrance » 05 juin 2015, 21:30

I had a wonderful time , thank you Mimi
and it was good to see old friends
I know I don't count as a British visitor! but I know them!
I know they had a good time, and I know they'll be back next year :oué:
the lack of response is very British!
these people stay in my home,
yet they only speak to me for one week a year
it's the English way,
we rarely shake hands, and NEVER hug! , but a smile and a nod between old friends says a thousand words :chapo:
short on praise, but quick to complain, there may be no praise! but there's no complaints!
trust me, they enjoyed themselves! :super:
it's just bloody custard with some sugar burnt on top

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Re: English response

Messagepar JacquesD » 05 juin 2015, 21:47

Tu as l'air de bien les connaître.


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Re: English response

Messagepar Tiny Tim » 06 juin 2015, 19:06

Thank you to Jean Luc for organizing a wonderful gathering with such interesting things to see .

Thank you all for the warm welcome and look forward to seeing you all next year, if not sooner

Henry will be sure to bring us all back.... if only for the sugar cubes from Isa-Wood! :oué:

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Re: English response

Messagepar isawood » 06 juin 2015, 20:57

bon... je me lance dans la production industrielle :polom:
La sagesse est d'être fou lorsque les circonstances en valent la peine. (Cocteau)

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Re: English response

Messagepar Jackymoto » 06 juin 2015, 21:16

Isa home made the sugar cubes on her milling machine.
The more difficult task, is to fit the round ones in the machine's vice. :D
Je suis épaté par les gars qui dessinent les cartes routières, c'est une sacrée responsabilité, t'imagines qu'ils oublient un virage! Brèves de comptoir Gourio.

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Re: English response

Messagepar Squeaky Steve » 06 juin 2015, 23:27

Un grand merci à nos amis français pour nous permettant de vous joignons à Chinon.

Il était un excellent emplacement et événement très agréable, encore une fois.

Un merci spécial aux organisateurs de l'événement.

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Re: English response

Messagepar mimi.lulu » 08 juin 2015, 09:09

(Sorry for my English, i'm too tired to make effort to speak correctly Queen's language) :polom:

Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to have with us friends from UK like every years.
Yes it was a bit complicated to prepare this rallye because there was about 120 people. With a big investment and help from friends and of course my wife--thank you honey ;) (I've started the preparation in November), I was able to give participants pleasure and freedom to visit and ride our very small roads.
We don't know yet where will be the next French Rallye, I'm sure you will like it. :super:

See you next year, of course. :chapo:

Jean-Luc aka mimi.lulu
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