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First “Royal Enfield le Site” Meeting!


Note: It’s indeed a motorcyclists gathering, not a rally for old Ladies...


Contact: Francis Webmaster: +33 (0) 6 03 03 06 38


Registrations close at the end of april 2007



When ? On Friday, Saturday and Sunday may 18th,19th,20th 2007.

Where ? Location: Center of France – Pont du Château 63340 Clermont-Ferrand http://www.ville-pont-du-chateau.fr


Where exactly ?  Camp site "Les Sablons": +33 (0) 4 73 83 57 61 campinglessablons@wanadoo.fr

How much: Tent emplacement 5 euros per person and per night without breakfast (4 euros). Chalets from 3 to 6 people (15 euros per person and per night including breakfast). Possibility of personal cooking, or to have meals at the camp site restaurant (15 euros).

For tents emplacement, no reservation needed (lot of space…).


GPS users : 45°80482 Nord (North)

3°26228 Est (East)




How much does it cost ? to sleep under your tent, they charge 5 euros per night and per person ( which is cheap ) with a 4 euros extra if you have beakfast at the restaurant.

You can also have dinner at the restaurant for 15 euros.

If you are looking for a little bit more confortable , you can also rent a chalet ( space for 3 up to 6 persons ) which will cost you 15 per night, per person, including breakfast.


It is useless to book if you plan to sleep under your tent , the camping site is big enough .


Camping "Les Sablons" : 04 73 83 57 61 campinglessablons@wanadoo.fr


Limitations ?  None ! you can come even if your bike isn’t a Royal-Enfield !

Even if you come by car, by plane, or on rollers, you are welcome .


How much ?  20 euros , including the Saturday evening meal and the concert .

But, of course, if you want to send more money, you are welcome !


Copy/Paste this bulletin and print it, write your name, address and telephone, then send it with 20 euros Bank Cheque to:

Fabien Dieppedalle 1 rue des Contrebandiers 69009Lyon


For European community friends:

International Number of account: FR76 13506001 1765 0092 0700 085


And send me an email with your name and location at: royalenfieldlesite@wanadoo.fr


Premier Rassemblement Royal Enfield le Site

18, 19 et 20 mai 2007 à Pont-du-Château (63)

Bulletin d’inscription












































On Friday 18th may :


Reception for those taking part in the meeting. ( be careful on your way to the site )


Friday greeting of participants:

Greeting of participants who will arrive at their rhythm, be cautious on the road.

For the others: Stroll to Chambon Lake and other Auvergne Lakes (200 km). Other stroll will be able to be done. We will provide you the road books. Possibility to simply have a rest, to meet participants, to chat....

In the evening: Meal at you convenience, and meeting of participants in the large room of the camp site.

During the gathering, by safety, we will drive in small groups of motorbikes with the instruction to meet on arrival points.




Saturday 19th may :Saturday morning: 2 mechanic workshops, to be able to disassemble and reassemble engines according to your requests. For the others, several stroll will be proposed at your rhythm and according to your desires, the road books will be distributed:For example: to understand how and why the cutlery was born in Thiers in Auvergne there is nearly seven centuries, to measure the tenacity of the men, their fights, their ingeniousness, to make this complicity with the knife a history which continues...09.00 Departure – Motorcycle Museum:Motorcycle Museum of Baster in Riom (25 km) http://www.dufrene.net/indian/pic/baster.htm

14:00 Departure: Stroll in direction of Ambert, visits of AGRIVAP museum

The museum revives these beautiful mechanics of yesterday: steam engines, locomotives, cylinders and other alembics, but also mowers etc... They have in their time, revolutionized the agricultural work. It was the same for tractors whose AGRIVAP proposes an astonishing collection http://agrivap.free.fr/



At return, a stop is proposed at Jivaro home which offers us a drink. Jivaro has multiple treasures, old motorbikes in particular.

Passionated of English mechanics, he will receive us in its dear countryside. Then, other stop on Pont-du-Château City Hall where the Mayor will tell us a small speech.


On saturday evening, we’ll have supper at the camping restaurant and enjoy a concert given by John BRASSETT , a good old British guy who’s been living in France for years, plays good blues and rock’n roll, and above all, ride a Royal-Enfield Continental GT !




"Hang Dog Days", le 1er Album est plutôt folk, intimiste.


"Shed" et "Love Your Skin" ont des couleurs blues country.


"Shake the Tree" est un retour aux sources pop... et le petit dernier s'appelle True Belief.

Mais qui n'est pas mieux placé que John lui-même pour parler de ses albums...


"True Belief"

Ma dernière passion. Je craque pour celui-ci. mon idée de la musique pop de nos jours.Laissez vos bottes à l'entrée et appréciez-le. Les guitares sont plus ou moins accordées et les chansons sont parmi mes meilleures...



  " Kill the Monster"

Faites gaffe à celui-ci! C'est mon idée de ce qu'est le musique électronique avec un orgue, une boîte à rythme, la voix et des percussions (pas un instrument sur ce disque n'a couté plus de £40).



"Shake The Tree"

Un retour à mes racines pop, avec un zeste du genre électrique moderne, ma plus grande production jusqu'ici.



"Love Your Skin"

"Love Your Skin" : toujours en train de marteler sur le batterie façon blues.

Il y a un hommage à    hank Williams (qui me botte bien).




Pas mal sexy, celui-ci, et beau à regarder.



"Hang Dog Days"

Premier album. C'est style blues, d'inspiration folklorique, une histoire

de Blanc à Noir.



On Sunday 20 th may : end of the meeting, people will take their time to go back home safely.







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