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Claude m’envoie ce document sur une machine de folie !!! Eh ! oui, c’est une Royal Enfield... C’était...

I, Rahul Vallamber, did MCA and Masters in hindustani music, now I am researching on Sufi music PhD and I am also working as a creative chief in a leading add agency in Delhi.

I am a singer and I have my own rock band in noida called O5-Rockers.

I am into this bike designing profession since 4 years. "I was watching a program on motorbikes on television.

After the program, then I thought that the bike which I am riding, is not very interesting to ride,

it’s a normal bike and buying a imported bike was also not fitting into my budget.

So I was busy planning the possible modifications in my bike.

The results were fabulous. So my bike design passion started from there only. After that I had transformed another bike into cruiser with heavy tyres, a more powerful engine and a completely changed look. My friends liked what I had done so they brought theirs.

That is how it all started. My HOT WHEEL JOURNEY had started in 2002 as an amateur, and then one day I decided to do something very big so I made my mind to make a Chopper of an old Enfield. Making a bullet into a chopper its seems to be full of more fun thing for me.

But I love doing these types of unique thing. Well I took an off from my office for one month and then I bought a 1997 model bike Royal Enfield. It took 1.5 months to complete the bike. After this I got a very nice responses through people then I decided to open my showroom in Noida.

Before this I got a very nice coverage in some leading newspapers and news channels.

Now I have started my own workstation in Noida. Before that I had already designed 15 to 20 bikes and if any one wants to contact me he can contact me on I am looking forward for my business.

Now I made my passion as my full time carrier. I am very much happy with my new life...

thank you
Rahul Vallamber

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