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bullet 500 Big head et fury
jeudi 25 mars 2010
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Notre ami Bob nous envoie ces textes et les photos de ces 2 Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Big Head and Fury

1960 : Huge, one-piece alloy cylinder head (’Big Head’) casting, plus new, larger ’chunky’ tank for 500. This is also the engine design used for the India Enfield Bullet. Coil ignition is introduced.
The Royal Enfield Fury, produced at this time for the US market, is essentially the same bike as the Bullet (both 350 and 500cc models), capable of reaching the 100 mph mark (a 350cc Enfield tuned by Steve Lindsell in the late 1970s reached 95.64 mph) . It differed from the Bullet by having a larger inlet port, an Alfin aluminum alloy barrel with cast liner (instead of the Bullet’s iron) and a higher compression piston (8.9:1 instead of 7.3:1). It also had a flange for mounting an optional rev counter, an 18-inch rear and 19-inch front wheel. Between 1959 and 1963, only 191 machines were made. The 500cc boasted a 40 bhp output, up from the UK models’ production of 27 bhp. A 600cc model was also made for a short period.

D’une autre source d’informations (Mensuel specialise Anglais)
ROYAL ENFIELD Bullet 500 “Big Head”

La RE 500 “Big Head” a ete produite de 1959 a 1962 :
1959 9 unites
1960 474 unites
1961 225 unites (approx)
1962 12 unites (non sur)

Les Numeros de serie vont de 15771 (1959) a 16500 (fin 1961)

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la big head de bob

Autre Royal Enfield de bob

Un exemple d’annonce d’une de ces raretés

Exemple d’annonce
Un exemple d’une annonce d’une bullet " grosse tete "

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